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Are you a business owner? Do you require the services of an experienced, qualified accountant with an outstanding track record?

Look no further than the team of experts at St Lawrence Accounting & Tax Services. We represent individuals and businesses with precision, efficiency, and impressive attention to detail. Our highly-qualified team of accounting professionals adapts to your business, saving you significant amounts of time and energy.

You can depend on our meticulous approach, exceptional customer service, and competitive rates.

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Located in Kingston servicing Kingston and surrounding areas

Dedicated Professional Accountants

Many individuals and businesses don’t have sufficient knowledge of accounting and taxation, and as a result can incur significant monetary losses

You can entrust us to serve you with your best interest at heart. We expertly navigate through CRA and the tax system, using a mixture of traditional methods and state-of-the-art software and technology.

Among our wide range of professional services are financial accounting, payroll management, corporate tax services, personal tax services, CRA audit representation, and more. Another facet of our accounting representation is guidance and advice. We help you or your enterprise obtain financial autonomy and make better-informed decisions as you consider the future. We’ll protect your assets, inform you of liabilities, and guide you towards a stronger financial standing.

Our professionals have years of experience in proper, accurate accounting representation. Whether you’d like to discuss tax strategies, streamline payroll processes, or remain up-to-date on the latest incentives, our accountants are dedicated to serving you precisely and fully.

Full-Service Business Accountants

Your business is your livelihood, and we are committed to helping your enterprise keep its financial and economic well-being intact. Our many services add convenience and expertise to your business in many ways.

Our accounting services for businesses include bookkeeping, financial statements, tax remittance, and processing of additional obligatory financial requirements. You can depend on our accountants to finish the job dependably and on-time.

We use the most advanced tax services and accounting software to provide meticulously accurate results.

Another one of our services is payroll management. By tending to your payroll services, such as deductions, vacation pay, and other particulars, your business will significantly save on time and energy.

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